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Head Mounted VR is an advanced Unreal Engine VR plugin which integrates most common VR game features in an intuitive and easy to use way for Unreal developers. It implements a physically based interaction for VR and all necessary functional for the high quality game development. Plugin was inspired by Half-life: Alyx game mechanics and brings us familiar features. Everything in this plugin is game-ready and has all necessary content for modifications.The goal of this project is to develop AAA VR quality functional available for every developer and build a great VR developers community for a strong feedback.

What does the plugin provide?

41 Unique C++ Classes

Learn about them at the Classes page.

Network Replication

Better Performance

No limits

Blueprints are limited. C++ is far beyond.

Regular Updates

HMVR is always in the move. Functional is expanding and the project is getting new features.

​Easy to receive updates

No need to refactor entire blueprint projects. Update. Continue the development.

Main features

Player class

Whole new player pawn class was developed especially for VR. It has a new movement which was designed to fit the VR concept. Player’s camera function was redesigned.  Full body avatar and hands only functional are available. There are some key features of the new player class down below.

Head Mounted VR Player


Player collision has an ability to adapt to the player's height and follow the camera during the movement in the real world. Moving in room scale makes collision behave as expected. Collision will not pass through the walls. Instead it will react to all obstacles.

Head Mounted VR Player Collision Stairs
Head Mounted VR Teleport Trace
Head Mounted VR Player Collision
Head Mounted VR Player Camera Collision


With new collision behavior smooth movement arrived. Project also supports teleportation and an ability to customize the player’s turn. Smooth and snap turns are supported.

Head Mounted VR Player Smooth movement


Plugin comes with a variety of footsteps sounds(44 sound files). Sound will play depending on the surface type the player steps on or falls on. It is also possible to play a voice line for in game dialogs.

Head Mounted VR Foosteps Sounds

Physics hands

Player’s hands are fully physically based and can interact with various interactable objects. There was a huge attention paid to the physics behavior. How would the hands behave if they were stuck? How to feel the weight of the objects? What solution can help us avoid physics errors? Answers on all these questions were found and are build in in game-ready class!

Head Mounted VR Hands

VR Grab Components and VR Actors

VR Grab Components/VR actors are classes with which player can interact with such as static meshes, skeletal meshes, levers, valves, doors, drawers, buttons etc . Interaction is also physically based but there is an option to disable it. It also provides different grab methods: Attach to, physics and IK, physics and static animation, physics and static animation to near socket, static animation combined with IK.

Head Mounted VR  Levers | Interactables
Head Mounted VR  Levers | Interactables
Head Mounted VR  Door | Interactables
Head Mounted VR  Grab| Interactables

Weapons and Equipment

Flexible weapon class can be used for any weapon creation. It has all developers need for easy development. Particles, sound functional and all needed functions can be overwritten. Also there is a “Equipment” class which was made for button functionality. Developer can overwrite button press functions for personal purposes.

Head Mounted VR  Weapon
Head Mounted VR  Weapon

Do not know how to start?

Check out the start guide!

Check out the project roadmap!

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