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VR Code Lock

This is a code lock class. Player can type password by pressing the buttons.

Class name:



Lines of code:


#include "VR/VR_Actors/VR_CodeLock.h"

Interactable Actor


​General Information


VR Code Lock is a class which has a passcode functional.


  • Body_Mesh - This is a Static Mesh Component.

  • Btn_Num1-9,0,Enter,Delete - This is Child Actor Components of VR Button class(See VR Button Class).

  • TextRender - This is Text Render Component which displays current passcode.


  • Password - This is an integer variable which is a passcode.

  • FallInDistance - This is a float variable which is fall in distance of each button.

  • Return Force - This is a float value which indicates return to initial position forceof each button.

  • Velocity Strength - This is a float value which indicates velocity strength of each button.

  • Max Force - This is a float value which indicates maximum return force value of each button.

  • Slide Direction - This is a vector value which indicates in what direction buttons can be pushed(-1 means inverted direction).

Blueprint API Reference

Public Member Functions


Is Password Correct 


Update Return Force

 float Force
 float Velocity
 float Max_Force

Public Attributes


int 	Password

float 	FallInDistance

float 	ReturnForce

float 	VelocityStrength

float 	MaxForce

FVector 	SlideDirection

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