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🌟Metaverse and Holiday Gifts!🎁🎄

Hello 👋, everyone!

We are excited to bring you news and holiday gifts from our team.

Head Mounted VR m

Metaverse Update🌐

The awaited Update 2.0 is now officially titled the "Metaverse Update." This update introduces network replication, allowing play between VR and Non-VR users. HMVR now moves in dual directions, empowering developers to create cross-platform projects easily.

Release Date 📅

Mark your calendars! The Update is scheduled for January. While the exact date hinges on the Unreal Marketplace policy and verification process (which can take up to a week), expect the release window between January 11th and 18th.

Support & Pricing 💪💰

HMVR WILL NOT INCREASE THE PRICE. Additionally, our team has launched a Patreon page for those willing to do extra support. With strong backing on Patreon, THERE'S A CHANCE THE PRICE MIGHT EVEN DECREASE!

Christmas Gifts 🎅🎁

  1. HMVR Lite Edition: We're excited to unveil a free edition of the plugin—HMVR v1.0 for UE4.27. This version can no longer receive updates due to the marketplace policy(Only 3 last versions can be updated). It still offers great features (like a fully remade VR player pawn class, finger collision with a single physics asset etc.) which are suitable for PhysX, but not compatible with UE5's Chaos physics.

  2. Metaverse Update Testing: Verified HMVR users can sign up for the update testing via a Google form until December 31st. The testing phase will run from January 3rd to 10th, granting participants access to our private git repository. 

  3. HMVR Giveaway. Giveaway is open to everyone. Fill out the Google form for a chance to win. The winner will be announced on January 3rd on our Discord server.

Winter Sale ❄️🛒

Wishing you all Happy Holidays!




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